Installing And Using Exiftool on Linux

In today's writeup, we will be using ExifTool for editing metadata and extracting location information for an image.

EXIF tool is a widely used meta-data information recorder built on Perl by Phil Harvey. It is one of a kind open-source tool that works on a variety of file types. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format, and it is mainly used for including metadata in various file types like txt, png, jpeg, pdf, HTML, and many more. With the EXIF tool, we can also read, write and manipulate such meta-data information.

You just need to git clone this repo.

git clone /exiftool./exiftool

Reading metadata of the image.

./exiftool /home/anonymous/Downloads/download.jpeg

Reading Binary information.

./exiftool -b /home/anonymous/Downloads/download.jpeg

Verbose information.

./exiftool -v /home/anonymous/Downloads/download.jpeg

Adding our own tag.

./exiftool make=’hihackershubhear’/home/anonymous/Downloads/download.jpeg



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